So, don’t make things too distracting at that home office. There are items that help you take a quick, five-minute break when you need to, and other things — like the TV — that can end up wasting hours of your time. If you want to be able to focus while working at home, you’ll need to set up your home office in a quiet spot. Unless you live alone, there are probably some places in your house where you’re less likely to get interrupted. Curtis adds that one of the most common mistakes people make when designing a home office is not utilizing the space they have. Making your space multifunctional can be a great way around that. When designing your home office, you want to keep your space neat, tidy, and distraction-free, and streamlining your finishes can be a great way to do this.

Before you start choosing what you want, make a list of what you need. If you want a hint of color without the distraction, you could choose to do some subtle accents. Even a small amount of color will stand out against a neutral background. There may also be a cultural effect — we often use red for warnings and stop signs, while green means it’s safe to go ahead. People have a less positive attitude when exposed to low, cool colored light. Don’t overwhelm the space with a lot of small items — it may seem counterintuitive, but a few larger pieces will fit a tiny space better. Now, home offices are making a comeback, and they have a whole new look.

Don’t forget mice and keyboards

Make sure there is no clutter around it, as well as any devices or appliances that can cause signal disruption. Basic wire management can go a long way towards improving your office aesthetic. It’s also fairly cost efficient as well — you’ll just need a few clamps and zip ties to manage messy wires.

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If you’re a professional, ask your client how they feel facing a window all day. There will be lots of demand for home office updates in the upcoming years. Working for a fixed period of time every day helps give your day routine and structure. home office tips You automatically shift into “work mode” when you’re within your “office hours”. While working from home gives you the freedom to work anytime you want, you’ll still want to maintain regular office hours if you want to maximize productivity.

Consider a fitted home office furniture

She also divided the room with an oversized built-in desk, with his-and-hers sides, that has cut-outs on top to allow for hidden cord management below. Called the “commanding position,” this placement, it’s been shown, creates the best energy for you to be in charge of whatever comes your way. To help you with your own home office planning, here are six aspects of layout Hayman and Frazier leverage to create distraction-free and video-friendly work spaces.